For residents at The Pines, the Music & Memory® program can be a joyous connection.

Something wonderful can happen when people reconnect with their musical favorites. Music has the power to tap deep into our emotional memories, bringing joy, easing pain, reducing stress, and facilitating human interactions.

The Pines is a fully certified Music & Memory community—with caregivers fully trained in music-as-therapy. We create a personalized music selection on iPods and other devices that often help our residents awaken memories as they reconnect to the music they love.

The results are extraordinary. It can enhance family visits and sometimes deepen relationships that may have seemed lost. It helps our staff find an entryway to more meaningful interactions with patients. And it can simply bring pleasure to people with advanced dementia.

“I feel a band of love, of dreams.”

The moving video below tells the story of a patient who struggled with dementia for years. He barely spoke until the day Music & Memory reintroduced him to cherished musical memories.

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Music & Memory

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