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Where good company
is always on the menu.

The ambiance: bright and airy.
The tastes: sensational.

Prepare yourself for a dining experience unlike any other, where you'll meet friends, share stories and make memories over breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dine early or late, on your own or with your friends and family – it's up to you.

At Leading Age 2013, The Pines won the Innovation of the Year award for our 3 restaurant-approach to dining!

We offer a variety of dining experiences, including:

  • 3 Restaurant-style dining rooms
  • Formal and casual dining options, plus "take-out"
  • Fresh, high-quality foods prepared by our Executive Chef and staff
  • A large selection of menu choices, signature dishes and daily specials
  • Low sodium, low-sugar and low-fat needs can be accommodated
  • Food that reflects traditional and local tastes, including Jersey Fresh produce in season

We select the freshest ingredients to create a hearty and healthy dining experience that is sure to satisfy. Whether you crave a picnic under the summer sky or white tablecloth dinner, we'll offer you an experience that meets your tastes, needs and lifestyle.

See what's on the menu!

Download one of The Pines' 509 Grille Signature Recipes:

Sticky Banana Saute

Sweet Potato and Pear Soup

Hunter-Style Chicken

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